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If you're interested in investing in this platform, we're happy to have a discussion. But why should you invest in Mega?

1. Websites that sold for millions without users or traction. $35.6 million in 2010. $35 million in 2007. $30.1 million in 2012. $18 million in 2009. $16 million in 2009.

2. Instagram.

March 2010: Stanford University grad Kevin Systrom closes a $500,000 seed round from Baseline Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz while working on a location-based app called Burbn. Please understand that Instagram was a concept - an idea in the head - when it received the seed investment!

3. Google.

When someone was asked to invest 1,000,000 $ as seed in Google, he replied: "Why would I invest 1$ in a text box on a web page?". Simply stated, if you don't understand the potential, ASK.

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