We respect our users.

We promote socially-responsible video-based content in collaboration with publishers.

We help your business win minds and steal hearts through the power of our data-driven, non-intrusive online video platform. We use a unique, advanced algorithm to power Mega and help advertisers convey their message and engage with global audiences. In the same vein, we help content creators grow revenue from their intellectual property. Mega helps 96% of brands test, target, track, deliver and monitor the results of their video advertising campaigns. We do all of this based on the power of product videos, why?

- Product/business videos are vital accompaniment to any business.

- Provide that extra wow-factor needed to convert viewers into followers, buyers and advocates.

- Let your brand stand out and differentiate itself by showing your product/service features in high definition.

- Be elegant. Be memorable. Be Unique

Don’t just reach online users. Be memorable. Move people.

3 ways to advertise:

1. We schedule video-ads in the video player located in the bottom right.

2. We schedule video-ads in the video player after logging into an account.

3. Upload your video-ad as any other video, let us boost it with DoneForYou-Marketing.

Why advertise on Mega?

1. Access to Influencers and Freelancers: edesk & omega.

2. Access and exposure to our users: world & america.

3. Access to Analytics and marketing tools: 

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