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Repair and Maintenance of Nitto Medo LA80B Piston Septic blower

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Are you sick of spending money on replacing your septic air blower or aerator?
Do you need to wait for a technician for days to look at your wastewater treatment blower?
We have put together a step by step procedure that can get you going in a few minutes at fraction of the cost of replacement.
In this Video PumpAir Solutions has highlighted procedure for repair and maintenance of Nitto Medo LA80B Piston blower. These blowers are used predominantly on Domestic wastewater treatment systems in Australia namely Taylex, Econocycle, Biocycle, Envirocycle ,Biocycle and Ozzikleen etc.
Normal regular maintenance is very critical for longer life of blowers. Inlet filters need to be cleaned regularly and adequate ventilation of blower is essential to achieve good life span.
There are two technologies for Wastewater treatment septic blowers. The diaphragm blowers which are Hiblow HP80 and Gardner Denver Thomas LP80HN blowers and other is Nitto Kohki Piston blower Nitto Medo make. Piston blowers need very less ongoing maintenance .For For Nitto piston type blowers, regular greasing and changing of inlet filter will result in better life.
While installing the blower and during maintenance it is essential to check back pressure on the system. Excessive or low back pressure can result in failure of diaphragm or overheating of blower resulting in failure. The back pressure figures are available for various blower models.
At PumpAir Solutions, customer satisfaction is among our top priorities. Our team works hard to ensure that each and every customer is satisfied with their purchase. Check out more videos on and
If you want to know about maintenance on diaphragm blowers see our video
PumpAir Solutions have access to Gardner Denver Thomas Yasunaga Septic blowers Model LP80HN, LP100H, LP120H, LP150H and LP200H blowers and PumpServ Hiblow Models HP60, HP80, HP120, HP150 and HP200.Model XP80 is also available.

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