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4 Ways Ginkgo Biloba Hardens Erections

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4 Ways Ginkgo Biloba Hardens Erections
Ginkgo Increases Smooth Muscle Cells..
The more smooth muscle cells you have, the better your erections.
Ginkgo can help you with that.
A study was done where they looked at the effect of Ginkgo on rats with (lab induced) erectile dysfunction.
They divided 43 rats into four groups and gave them different levels of Ginkgo: none, low, medium, and high.
The researchers found that there was a significant improvement in erectile function for the high dose group compared to the group that didn’t get any Ginkgo.
The two in the middle responded in line with how much they were given.
Specifically, the study found that the rats that were given the most Ginkgo biloba had better smooth muscle development in the arteries leading to their penises, facilitating blood flow and trapping and thus making it easier for them to get hard.
The study also found that nitric oxide synthase improved with the high dose Ginkgo group, a finding reflected in other studies too.

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